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Kai Sieveke

July 2024
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Preconditions for efficiency

Kai SievekeKai Sieveke

Ways to do work are merely different…

My preconditions for an efficient workmode

I spend the majority of my time doing deep work and value my focus. This is not compatible with modern society’s interruption culture, which is why I disable most notifications on my devices and keep them silent most of the time.

Ok – have I mastered that for myself ? [check]

Importance and Urgency

Please take a second to think about the best suited channel for contacting me:

  1. Important and urgent: Call me. If I don’t answer, call again and leave me a voice mail or text me. I don’t return calls unless you ask me to do so.
  2. Importantnot urgent: Email me. As long as your email is not identified as spam, this is the sure-fire way to reach me. I’m practising Inbox Zero almost daily and will usually reply within 1–3 days.
  3. Urgentnot important: Text me and make sure to include your deadline for a useful response. I’ll either have read and replied by that time, or drop the ball.
  4. Neither important, nor urgent: Just let it be.

I believe close contact is beneficial compared to light touches. If we can make it work, I’m happy to jump on a short call to discuss a matter. It enables us to use the time available to work deeply on the important things instead of sending messages back and forth for days without any measurable result.

Do not only communicate your behaviour – live it.  [check]

Channels of Communication

I currently use the following ways to communicate over distances (most to least preferred):

Channels I rarely use:

Channels I never use:

Can I organize myself similar to this ? – if yes, I’m on a good way.  [check]

Designer von Prozessen, Systemen und Lösungen. Unternehmer und Business Transformation Consultant. Effektivitäts-Fan und Student in der hohen Schule des Lebens. Kommentare, Fragen ? Einfach mailen an tell@kaisieveke.com